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Didn’t T say it would be “so easy” to replace ACA with a better alternative? Even when the Republicans tried to replace it, they cobbled together a plan on the spur of the moment that wasn’t even acceptable to all of the conservatives. They had almost 10 years to come up with a “better” plan, but didn’t. They didn’t have any intention of replacing ACA, they wanted to dump it and go back to the way it was.

  • Actually THEY DID NOT GO BANKRUPT they decided to leave because the GOP defunded some of the incentives to insurance companies in a effort to have it fail but as you can see it’s still a massive success!!!
  • because removing the incentive for a private company to do something and lowering the funding and removing responsibilities from a publicly funded program are totally comparable.
  • The economic principle is that insurance ultimately fails unless everyone is in the pool. That’s part of the reason drivers are required to have insurance. Otherwise, adverse selection and moral hazard lead to a shrinking pool that collapses- you know, kind of how our whole insurance system is messed up.
  • It’s part of the reason every other industrialized country has government-supplied plans. But we just keep propping up our system because “OMG socialism”. For example, the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation looked at Bernie’s M4A plan and said it would cost $36-39T over ten years. Sounds awful! Except that is an average $3.6-3.9T/year.

Under our current system, seven years from now CMS forecasts us as spending $6T/year. I mean, sure, we can keep our current system and spend an extra $2T+ a year. Sounds fantastic! Roberts correct. Republicans gutted protections that would have made the ACA more affordable.

Actually, it is you who needs to take a civics lesson, because then you would understand that budget isn’t so simple as “House creates budget”. The typical process: And we haven’t even had ‘typical’ for a bit, so many times we have had government shutdowns when all parties couldn’t agree (even when Reps controlled both houses of Congress and Presidency).

The only thing that is even close to what you are putting blame on the Dems for is that budget bills are required by the big C to originate in the House. And given the Dems have sent plenty of bills to the Senate that McConnell is sitting on, it is really funny that you are blaming Dems for ‘inaction’.

I Cross My Heart Lyrics – George Strait Poster