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Don’t follow me I do stupid things Cycling shirt, hoodie, tank top

Don't follow me I do stupid things Cycling hoodie

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I’m sorry for your experience. I live in Australia, have hardly left my house since late March until recently. Last night I travelled on public transport and wore a mask. I see what is happening in America on tv and cannot believe what I’m seeing. I hope the situation improves for you soon. Keep doing what you’re doing and look after yourselves. Tami stay strong stay at home and be safe. It’s a hard journey. Sending big hugs and prayers to you and your family. The Ryan Family Sydney Australia. You are 100% doing the right thing for yourself and your family. Have faith and hope that you will get through this. Thoughts and prayers to you all. All the best from Melbourne Australia. What a terrible situation you have but good on you for having strength and caring for your family. Hang in there…we as a nation in Australia have done everything we can do to keep our fellow neighbours and Australian citizens in our communities safe. I wish America would come together and fight this pandemic and have empathy and sympathy that is needed. Do not think for one minute you are doing the wrong thing because you are not.

We are in Melbourne Australia and people are panic buying toilet paper again because we’re getting around 20 positives per day for the whole state. Been wfh since early March and my 17 has been schooling from home same. His school is attached to a university so while his friends from his old school are back to normal, he is stuck at home with me. We get our sads more and more these days but doing our best. I keep telling my son this will pass one day. Main thing is we’ll be alive to see it and our elderly relatives are not in danger because of us. Stay safe at home and don’t let anyone put you down for doing the right thing.