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I don’t sugar coat shit I’m not willy wonka mug

I don't sugar coat shit I'm not willy wonka mug1

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I just hope they were able to get the cat spayed and maybe vaccinated, I get it if the cat wants to live outdoors but I hope she’s not making more feral kittens! We found a kitten at sonic and brought it home and about 2 months earlier we had brought home a chihuahua named Blue Belle. They became the best of friends and while our other cats will (of course) yell when on the way to the vet, Star will be dead silent, but ONLY if Blue is with him. So the vet looked at us funny when Star had to have a “battle buddy” on the first visit. Miss Kitty and Char remind me of my old cat and dog. The cat would run out the back when I took the dog out and hide in the tree where he took his first pee and pounce on him. They would play chase me catch me in the park. My cat was white with ginger markings too. Yup. True feral cats are not AT ALL friendly or tame. I got my feral from a TNR organization, it took 3 years for him to stop seeing me as a threat and attacking me, and another 2 for him to allow me to touch him. He’s still not a normal cat but is loving and affectionate when he wants to be. He is very territorial and likes to be mostly left alone. And he has never meowed, in all the years I’ve had him. My other cat actually stopped around the time I got him and now they just trill and chirp, but no meowing. I have some feral kitties that I made indoor-only kitties. It takes work and dedication. Mine meow and purr. We have a couple who will walk around meowing when they are hunting their toy mouse.  Feral cats can absolutely become friendly in their territory. If he was born or claimed that neighborhood, and feels safe, he can most certainly become very sociable even as a feral cat. People who feed colony cats can often pet the ferals but strangers can not. Notice in the video that he didn’t allow the human to touch or approach him even as he entered her home and vehicle, given time he may allow handling.