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Cat That’s what I do I drink wine and I forget things poster

Cat That's what I do I drink wine and I forget things poster 4

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I do not understand what these people who wish to tear down statues think will happen or change nor do I understand why it is being allowed by those who are in office in local and state offices. due to the people tearing this stuff down are prolly voters and if they support the movement they won’t be in bad places come election time. On top of there is a select few people in politics who have a spine . The rest have to be made of jello. No. It does something more important than that. It makes us think about history. Who were these people cast in bronze? What did they do? Were their acts and their lives really that bad (or that good)?

Statues are coming down in Mobile, New Orleans and Richmond — not to mention Bristol, England — because the truth is, a lot of people in those cities don’t want to see people who supported slavery honored with public monuments. To say this “erases history” is to miss the point. Removing the statutes reflects a sea change in who we, as a society, honor. In doing this, we are not turning away from history. We are turning away from those people on those pedestals — and what they represent — as models to be admired and fondly remembered. Thank you and I am also old enough to see history repeat itself and know this is more than a protest towards slavery or those who were part of it as there have been decades to tear them down but feel there is more to it than change the sudden goal but I am old and see people as human deserving of justice and respect and opportunity to create and build and support each other etc.