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I’m a math teacher of course I have problems face mask

I'm a math teacher of course I have problems face mask

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Have you thought about how easy it will be to traffic children when they spread COVID to their parents and they are unable to keep an eye on those little ones? Where do you think children will go if neither of their parents are able to care for them because they are hospitalized? Especially the children living in single households or with grandparents? There will be tens of thousands of displaced children in the US. I’m not one to believe in all these conspiracy theories but what if the plan is to separate children from their families so that traffickers have access to more children? no disrespect intended, but bringing up trafficked children in a discussion about viral outbreaks is a clear red herring logical fallacy. A person’s concern for containing a viral outbreak is not somehow less relevant than sex trafficking. They are two separate issues, and both of great importance. A person can have love and concern for children trapped in the violent cycle of human trafficking and still want children and teachers to be safe in their schools. Governor Kelly has been very positive to the people of KS and kept us informed. Have you read and seen what Susan Wagle and her cronies have done to weaken everything Kelly has strived to do? Kelly does not lie. She has asked us to do safe things and Wagle has gone in the more careless direction. Please get informed! no one said anything about not being concerned over trafficked children. This isn’t a “yeah but” situation. Both are equally important. Stop using “trafficked children” to justify infected and dying children.