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I Just Really Like Dinosaurs Hoodie

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No I am not ignorant!!!! Stop your nasty crap I have a nursing degree and I own my own small business?? I am not a communist and I am not a socialist either nir do I believe in government programs care if everyone! People have to work and earn these things otherwise no basic needs for survival can be accomplished! We are suppose to be a republic ( not anymore) We are free because if it We are voting in socialism! One person loses their assests in a LTC with highway robbery price so another can have free LTC and that is not socialism! Estates are lost ( countries wealth) within usually 3 years!!! I do nit have an answer for all! Many people live beyond their means Many people like you have no clue if what self employed means and paying your own way really means! You know what a paycheck is and a government benefit is Well self employed people and private sector are being voted out if existence I may he dumb in your books, but I planned for old age when others did not!! Now I pay for my on and they
Get benefits to go with theirs!!!! I don’t think like you do! They even have a nicer lifestyle , they get reduced utilities! No medical premiums and food stamps! My friend id losing her inheritance in the LTC from the high cost, she could not make ends meet before going in, not eligible for help—-!could not get help! Other person did need help and eligible because you have to have nothing in stocks or investments Peoples investment income is often not good enough so they poorer than the ones getting their ‘s free!!! Socialism is socialism!!!!!
You are right”
I am too ignorant to understand how much better off we would be to start doing what the socialist developed countries are doing!