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I kissed a trucker and I liked it face mask

I kissed a trucker and I liked it face mask

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The Elephant in the room is obviously the 10th Amendment, but further Does it apply at all times or just when in a truck? If it’s just when in a truck, how do you legally carry it home after you turn in a truck at a given carrier 7 States away? If it applies at all times, what’s to stop non drivers from getting and maintaining a CDL for the express purpose of carrying nationwide? If it’s only while employed, refer back to my first question… Until issues like this are addressed and spelled out, this will go nowhere. Companies will still be able to deny drivers the ability to carry, just as establishments now are able to bar fireaems and otuer weapons from facilities. New York state gonna be screwing this law… because many people afraid of armed truckers… I assume there are more thiefs in New York than in whole USA… so they would not want hard time for stealing supplies… It’s a election year they’ll say or purpose anything to get your attention to get your vote then it will die afterwards, and you have been duped for another 4 years.

I don’t go there anymore, but I’ve been on military bases and been dot and I always tell them and never have had a problem. Most officers understand that we have a dangerous job and need to protect ourselves. I have a ccl from my state and my pistol is in my name. The insurance carrier can and in all likelyhood will refuse coverage for the driver and truck if anysort of firearm is used, the insurance company always holds the upper hand.