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Dragon That’s what I read books I do I drink tea and I know things poster

Dragon That's what I read books I do I drink tea and I know things poster 1

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This is a wise, honest lady with the integrity to tell the truth. Thank you, Dr. Swain for your moral courage. Thank You for coming forward with the truth. More like you should do likewise! Your very brave! I saw her on Mark Levin’s show Sunday. She was very enlightening! I am hearing more and more of this. I always thought it myself but glad to hear more and more of it being noticed and spoken out loud by people. Thank you. I saw her interview on television she’s quite an accomplished woman and knows of what she speaks. We sure need a lot more like this wonderful lady. I have never heard of Carol Swain, so I went online to read her back- story. Wow! What an inspiration – an American we can all aspire to be like. So refreshing to know you referred to her as American. That is what we all are! Anything else, referring to them by country of origin or continent is causing division. I have Irish, English and Dutch origin, but I don’t refer to myself as those plus American. I am American!

Exactly!!! We don’t need hyphenated Americans, particularly during this time of crises. We are blessed to be citizens of the greatest country on earth. We are Americans. ohn Wayne said it best years ago when he said there were no Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans etc., that when one said that they were saying they were a divided American. Long live the memory of the Duke! Very true and her life is remarkable! We are very proud to have her here at Vanderbilt. She is remarkable and such an inspiration. We saw an interview with the dear lady and when you hear her life’s story you are amazed. We should clone her and have go to every school in this country and talk with the youth. She is amazing! Thank you Professor Swain, America needs to wake up. I really upsets me the way Nancy Pelosi & others disrespect our government. They need term limits & no salary.