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The link to the article isn’t working. Tried it on two devices, last night and this morning. It’s been here for at least a year – it’s the results of MASSIVE vaccine injury coming home to roost. If you weren’t pathogen primed by toxic, contaminated vaccines, your chances of being able to withstand the onslaught of man made releasing of bioengineered pathogens are substantively increased. But since virtually everyone is vaccinated – at some time or another – the disease mechanism is just lying in wait. Accepting vaccination is like playing Russian roulette. I NEVER had a breathing problem until I was forced to wear a mask that keeps moving up over my eyes so I can’t see either. It is such a relief to get out in the fresh air, I always take a long, deep breath. As for not touching my face, the mask makes my face itch so I have to reach under it to scratch. Actually, touching my face is an involuntary action that I never realized how often I did it until they told me I shouldn’t. Still DO!

Could this also be the reason there are so many positive tests at this time? I’ve done the data for here in TN by comparing ILI visits from last flu season to this flu season. The virus was here by the beginning of October 2019. It does not matter how many facts, data, logic, or contradictions you point out. This is an agenda. The powers that be know all of this. They know this “virus” (is there even a “virus”?) Isn’t as deadly as other causes of death. The plan is to reshape the world using the FEAR created by the ” virus”. We are being social engineered by the technocrats and haters of God. The mask and distancing are all social control tools teaching slavery and obedience. Kneel before Zod. In the face of this and other truths the mask mandates, phased reopening, and no in-person fall classes continues to be the order of the day. The people calling the ball on this know the truth. This is not about “saving” anyone. This is pure evil. Cold blooded, callous, deliberate, psychopathic Evil. This is about power and control with a total disregard for the cattle. I know we had it here in CA back by Christmas … I work in the schools and teachers and kids were sick big time then…I had 3 rounds of antibiotics myself and took over a month to feel better.