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I wet my plants mug

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I understand that, but now is not the time to socialize, we are to social distance… we will never get rid of this if we don’t do the RIGHT thing. again… we are talking about bars. People go to bars to eat and drink. People also rely on those customers to provide food for their family’s. My simple question is how do you ask people at bars to wear a mask while they are eating and drinking. Drinking can cause harm drinking and driving, drunk drivers kill… Remember? How about domestic violence or fights in the bar? How about cirrhosis of the liver? Telling the bars that they can’t serve alcohol on premise is a solution that won’t cause any harm. if they are licensed to do so they can sell that alcohol to go and those folks can go drink it in the sanctuary of their own home. Everybody knows that when you’re drunk you have less inhibition and people forget all about social distancing, touching each other and any germs of any kind.

Also not needed who is to say they got infected at the bars maybe they went out protesting / we have been at the bars and restaurants once we were allowed – we never stayed home and ordered groceries went to the store when it was me necessary – 55 and 65. Great… bars should not have been opened anyway… no way to social distance at a bar, duh common sense tells us that! For a bar not to serve alcohol, is the same as closing down 100% again, “until further notice”. Just be aware that the suicide rate could increase… if business owners don’t see a way out of taking care of their wife and children, have no work, no money coming in and get desperate that’s when this could happen…