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I work hard so that my Pug can have a better life shirt, tank top, hoodie

I work hard so that my Pug can have a better life Hoodie

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The government doesn’t “pay” for anything. We pay taxes, and they decided how that tax money is spent. Trump likes to fill his pockets every time he golfs at one of his resorts, to the tune of over $135 M thus far. Figure out how it works. Nobody is gifting us health insurance or anything else. So you’d rather have a private insurance company deciding your healthcare decisions? They profit off holding back on paying for your care. Anyone who’s bought heath insurance knows that. I don’t think you’re getting it  single payer system is “healthcare insurance” instead of individualism an each dictating what they cover by the insurance agency vs the hospital. Single payer is 300+ million vs the hospital an pharmaceutical industry or they shop else where an buy the products from somewhere else. The doctors don’t change they aren’t replaced with circus clowns. Robert Adcox I’ll try to explain you’re not paying through the ass because of the “doctor” lol it’s all the corporations sellings ventilators, hospital supplies, gowns, needles it’s like shopping at Costco vs Walmart. They insurance agency deals with what the insurance plan will pay an negotiating the cost. Vs universal they negotiate the cost vs if everyone needed one, instead of dealing with each person or family individually. Maureen that’s an American fallacy that there is a wit for treatment. Lancet is a good source to see the wait times for treatment in national healthcare as is the UN and WHO. the UK and Canadaian government also publish wait times for treatment for each of their national health. It’s all on line. Yup it takes time to r search it but the sources supported by how they arrived at the results are worth invenstigating.