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I work hard so that my dog can have a better life face mask

I work hard so that my dog can have a better life face mask 0

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They have much higher deaths. They have much healthier and educated population. They do enforce some social distancing measures and require their people to do them. They give anyone who claims to be sick instant full paychecks to stay home and they have universal healthcare. Your garbage page is ignoring a planet sized amount of context to make your arguments AS USUAL. Trash page! “There are never any perfect choices, there are rarely, very rarely, good choices; it inevitably comes down to making the ‘least bad choice.”
There are always trade-offs and compromises. So there may be several potential ‘least bad choices.’
The problem to me seems that most people somehow have no clue about ‘risk management,’ and somehow magically think that their Governments are some how ‘all knowing,’ and can chart a risk free path for them and their countries. Wrong! A great example is this. Many Leftist Progressive Democrats in the United States seem to think we should keep the ‘economy shut down’ until there is NO chance whatsoever that they can become infected with Covid-19. That their is NO chance that anyone can become infected with Covid-19, that the virus has be eradicated. If it takes a year, or longer, no problem. Just ‘huddle in place’ until the experts vanquish Covid-19 from the face of the earth.
Like the Public Health Types (Dr. Fauci et all) – they seem to have watched too many medical drama shows. The ones where the really ill patient in put in a ‘medically induced coma’ until a cure is found or they ‘heal’ sufficiently for a life saving operation to be performed. This plot has been used many times. From their point of view, a really false metaphor indeed. The problem is one cannot just shut down the economy for some unspecified long period to time, and then magically revive it, and everything go back to the way it was. If the economy was truly shut down for say another year – when a magical usable vaccine for Covid-19 was found, Covid-19 would be the least of our worries by then. Think about the unintended consequences: starvation, mayhem, chaos, rioting, a Leftist Dictatorship (oh, that may be the goal). Bottom line – the cure would be far, far worse than the disease, kill far more people than the Covid-19 virus.