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I would rather be at the casino face mask

I would rather be at the casino face mask

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Melissa Reilly Everything he says is great it’s stupendous is a Normas it’s the best it’s ever been and you really believe that you must have a good job or you must come from money. Bravo Jonathan Swan ….. what an awesome and revealing interview you had with Trump. You revealed the worse in Trump and who he truly is. Incompetent and unfit. Too bad you didn’t give Trump 5 surprise words he didn’t practice all night. Once in the beginning of the interview and then at the end of the interview. Then, again, he would have walked out and cancelled the interview pissed. Whatever Trump says today …. he will change tomorrow …. and he’s going to pretend like whatever he just said ….. he never said. And of today ….. Trump now thinks it’s OK to vote by mail in Florida. New Hampshire’s disapproval of President Donald Trump has reached a record high, a new survey finds.
According to a poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey’s Center, whose results were released Monday, 60% of New Hampshire residents disapprove of Trump’s work as president, while 39% approve of it. The 60% figure is the highest reported by UNH surveys during Trump’s time in office. New Hampshire is one of the swing states that can go either way in presidential elections, and often serves as a bellwether state for how the rest of the country will go, so he’d better care. Well, let’s look at his phony Trump University where he bilked thousands of people out of their money, some out of their life savings. Many of his victims filed lawsuits against him. Because he didn’t want to go to court to face his victims, he agreed to settle their cases by paying $25 million which was used to pay his victims 80% of the money he stole from them. Had he not been wealthy enough to pay the money he would have gone to prison.
It is very likely that one of the reasons he is desperate not to lose the election is because he will end up in more than one court room. His niece, Mary Trump, has the evidence that he committed tax fraud. A woman named E. Jean Carroll would like to see him in court about a matter of him raping her in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman’s department store. She has the blue dress she was wearing when he raped her. The dress has a stain identified as sperm. Her lawyer has asked trump’s lawyers for a sample of his DNA to determine for certain that the sperm stain came from him. He said that he is too busy to provide DNA. When he is in a court room he will have no excuse. He will have to produce his DNA. A woman named Summer Zervos who was a contestant on The Apprentice is suing him for sexual assault.