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Thank you so much to this group of people who worked tirelessly to free this beautiful humpback whale from this deadly fishing net!!
Kudos to you!! Much love to all of you for the love and compassion you put out in rescuing and freeing this most beautiful creature!!
Many blessings to all!!

  • Always brings tears to my eyes when I realize all creatures have the ability to communicate with us and trust us to help them when they can not help themselves
  • Wow, how great they must feel! Whales are beautiful,seeing the whale swim away gave me a wonderful feeling in pit of my stomach. Thank you for rescuing this beautiful whale. Mankind is doing his best to destroy all our wildlife.
  • Thank you to these people and everyone else in the world like them, the people who dedicate their lives to helping all these beautiful creatures live long healthy lives free from suffering because of human negligence.
  • And then whales are slaughtered in Asian waters. We’ve so underestimated the animals of our planet. I believe it’s been our greatest crime.
  • That was a wonderful save that poor whale if that net hadn’t been removed would’ve surely been in trouble So glad y’all were able to help her Great story. what an amazing rescue of this beautiful whale .. these nets shouldn’t be allowed.. they are evil .. it must have been so worth it to see this whale finally free

This beautiful save made me cry because of all the sea creatures who die due to humans not giving a crap , and made me smile because of those who do

I pure have chills on a hot summer night looking at this. I wish whomever had the net could get rolled up in it and thrown in, maybe a lesson would be learned!!!! I am SO HAPPY that you people were persistent in getting the net off and am impressed by your bravery and teamwork. Thank you for saving the whale!!!

Do you not think nets and lines should have the name of the trawlers interwoven into them, would be easier to identify any company that ditches them in the oceans causing harm to sea life, just a thought.

I’d rather be fishing face mask