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If you show me your bobbers I’ll show you my pole fishing shorts

If you show me your bobbers I'll show you my pole fishing shorts

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On one of my first breakfast outings in Italy, I asked politely for “il cointro” at the end of my coffee and croissant. The waiter looked perplexed, repeated the word to me and made a small rectangle sign with his hands. I confirmed “si, il cointro!” He shrugs, goes back to the counter and a few minutes later, reappears with a shot of Cointreau instead of the check (il conto” !!! It was 9am and the waiter was holding back some judgement of this American, for sure. When I confusingly asked “the check?” In English, He burst out laughing along with the rest of the cafe! He was so amused by my and his confusion, he let me have the shot gratis, so it all turned out in the end! A way too strong shot of alcohol at 9am for free, to go with my coffee! My sweet preteen daughter, was trying to teach a young Iranian boy how to shoot a basketball..they had a complete language barrier. As it turned out, he was pretty good, so each time he got one in the net, my daughter would give him a “Thumbs Up”… not knowing that in Iran, a thumbs up was the equivalent of flipping the middle finger- Thankfully, his Auntie came outside and told us….we were mortified! German numbers. Remember successfully ordering at a deli, but when it came time to pay, it was something like 82 euro. I kept thinking ‘no, it can’t be’ and I didn’t have that much with me. Communicated that I had to go get more money – and walking back to the hotel, realized it was ’28’ not ’82’. When we were in Italy, mom was worried about gypsies. So when a lady came up to us selling scarves, my mom was telling her in Italian to go away, go away! Then a few minutes later she has to go to the bathroom and seeing no one else around to ask, asks the same lady (in italian) where to find the bathroom. The lady walked us down the hill to a restaurant to make sure we found our way. I bought two scarves. No one got pick pocketed. All was well, but that lady must have thought we were crazy.