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If you touch my beard I will touch your boobs face mask

If you touch my beard I will touch your boobs face mask 2

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Colin Folliott, So let me get this straight. When President Obama said “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring the gun”. he became responsible for all of the gun violence in the country, since HE suggested it as President?????? I am sure that you disagree with what I just said, so explain the difference between the two situations. After all, Obama put the idea into the heads of the people, right? Stop being stupid. Everyone saw the words come directly out of trumps mouth on national television. You’re too stupid to even be allowed to vote Trump said it on National and International TV. Howard Stern is by far not the only one that heard that “brilliant ” statement. You can believe what you want. The world know different. Joyce Miller He said no such thing. He was ASKING A QUESTION. If you believe differently, please quote the EXACT WORDS he used to urge anyone to do anything. We will wait. BTW, I watched the news conference live and didn’t wait for the media to tell me what he said. He stood at the Podium before GOD and everyone and said to “inject” it that way it would act as a “cleaning” of the body. He was NOT asking he was STATING. I watched it the whole thing and ALL the replays. Do listen, observe and comprehend. Just stop lying. He is what he is! he was not asking a question and you don’t ask questions during public briefings, you ask them in private or your emergency meeting he should be having every day. Briefings are to tell everybody what you are going to do to help your hospitals and answer appropriate questions from media at a safe distance.