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If you get any closer I’ll have to ask you to roll for initiative face mask

If you get any closer I'll have to ask you to roll for initiative face mask

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“We pay absolutely no attention to what the White House has to say on this and neither do most big city school districts,” said Michael Casserly, the executive director of the Council of Great City Schools, a coalition of the nation’s largest urban public school systems. I am a Trump supporter. I support you $ weekly. I can’t believe you made any deal for ANYTHING Bill Gates is involved in!! I can’t believe you made a deal for Bill Gates pharmaceutical company Madera for a vaccine!! That man is totally against this country and has bought his way into the vaccine industry! He has actually been on TV TELLING US what to do! Credible reports say he is involved in/part of the UN One World Order Agenda 2020, and the rest of their Agendas! To say I’m disappointed in this decision is putting it mildly. We don’t even know what’s in that vaccine, if it’s going to work and Fauci said it might be 35% effective at best yet all these billions of dollars have been given to Bill Gates! Aka he has been given a lot of power. No long-term testing for this vaccine so we won’t know if it causes autism or cancer or sterility. There are many reports of Bill Gates vaccines used in Africa causing sterility!! We know he wants forced vaccines and we know he wants micro chips in our hands to track our every move, even the rate of our heartbeat!! I’m sorry but this makes really lack confidence. Trump has voted absentee at least twice before. But his latest ballot request comes amid escalating attacks on mail-in voting by the president and his administration. On Thursday, Trump said that he opposes an emergency bailout for the U.S. Postal Service and election aid for states to restrict how many Americans can vote by mail.