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Awesome message of encouragement for someone that is giving of his time, some of his last years of comfort and peace for us-for America-to protect freedom for our children and grandchildren-May God bless him and the US!

  •  when did Kathy Yates say Trump was a prophet or a preacher? He’s neither. He’s a business man who happens to be President, and who gives a lot of glory to God. That’s about it. People like him because he does a lot for the people. Anything wrong with that?
  • Ok, let’s spell it out. A PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES hosted a SUPER SPREADER EVENT; I getting a full THIRD of the nu.mber of people at the event, including OUR TOP MILTARY.. This boy man ignored simple safety protocols for “OPTICS”.
  • The moral of the story is, he lied to you for months and encouraged you to live recklessly during a pandemic, and when it got to him he received every top tier treatment and medication to ensure his survival while your friends and family died alone. Remember that on Nov 3rd.
  • Well Trumps own family history is a train wreck of it’s own. In 2016 Trump was a novelty. Now Many Americans are enlightened and aren’t going to be fooled this time around. He won by a small margin last time. His base hasn’t grown that much and MORE Americans than ever are voting at this election. He has bungled the pandemic big time and many people are suffering because of it. His lack of empathy is only putting nails in his coffin. I do not believe he will win this election and if he doesn’t, he can only BLAME himself!
In those days in Israel, there were prophets who served in the Alter for Ahab. There are also sons of the prophets. What do they have in common with this preacher? They’re wanna be prophets or call them prophets not sent by God. Have you forgotten the story of Balaam in the 22 chapter of Number? Go and read it up if you care.
please tell me how Biden gives you respect in the world. Like what? Did he come to you and show you some respect? Did he raise the economy to record highs twice in a row, or bring unemployment to record lows twice in a row, or make our military greater than that of the last 2 administrations? No. But he sure made brilliantly intelligent statements like, “If you don’t vote for me, you’re not black.”, and other such memorabilia, plus showing great wisdom in letting his son profit off his father’s vice-presidency to strike a great business deal with the Russians.
you do realize that Ivanka used her position to fast track 14 new trademarks in China right? That both her and Donnie get their rags made there? You do realize that Ivanka and Jared have made millions by using their positions to secure deals? You do realize that Donnie is raking in millions for his companies by charging exorbitant rates to the government for the use of his properties?

I’M Always With You Cardinals Flowers Fleece Blanket

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