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Imagine all the peoples living life in peace map Maps poster

Imagine all the peoples living life in peace map Maps poster 1

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Deborah J Moffett exactly! I sat through that trump town hall thing on Fox. He has nothing to say. He has absolutely no platform for a second term. I honestly think he doesn’t want to even be president, but his ego and narcissistic nature won’t allow him to stand, there’s criminal complaints by the dozen waiting for him as soon as he’s out of office. Democrats are just waiting for you all to shoot each other…that seems to be the message from the democrats. Don’t all 911, We will get you a number for the MS-13 gang members…they ought to help save you? David Inger, why is it you think no one else opinions matter.? Why do the left think they have this election? They have thought that before. You guys are hilarious, projecting everything. I could care less what you haters do. He is going to win. Make fun, its all you have. I am looking at the absolute correct timeline. I knew all about the plan that was at the WH when Trump first got in. It was a Pandemic plan, both Trump and Pence sat in and went thru a scenario on a pandemic similar to what we have now. They did not want to use it, oh my god, Obama had his hands on it once. Trump has tried to destroy the very essence of what being American is. He ditched it and without knowing what to really do, he made up his own agenda, got rid of the people who would dare to say no to him. I’ve seen that plan. EVERY state and Federal govt offices knew what to do, Trump refused. You are not going to be a bully. Read the truth, you can find it if you look. obviously you aren’t. No precedence for closing the country down, tool. And I get you hate him,. So unhinged in that hatred. Grasp on tightly, it’s all you have. How quick you forget deblosio telling everyone to use the subways in March. How quick you forget old nance partying in China Town. And you left call us ignorant. That’s hilarious as you display it constantly. I know the truth. You don’t. And that’s hilarious you calling me a bully cause I disagree with you. So typical. So old.