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My ex-wife teaches outside of Dallas, and the district, which is decent sized, has a grant total of TEN cases out of 4700 students and 650 staff! We’re being scammed! That’s less cases than colds!!! Our schools are open in our county, 10,000 students and 9 positive cases (not sick, not hospitalized, just a positive test. Way less than cold or the flu that magically no longer exists!

  • And thank u Trump for all u been doing u have a heavy load on your shoulders to carry thank u so much for fighting for us all!!! I hardly post things on the internet but I think it is kind and wise to show love to others who want to make it also. Mr Frank Richard has helped me in so many ways I can imagine a legit trader who is expertise has helped not just the united kingdom but also the people of Texas. Be wise and contact him and be among those who have testified of his faithfulness.
  • Please help us get our kids back in school!! Start taking away federal $$!! It’s the only thing the Union cares about at this point, and unfortunately $$ talks. They’ve had this data and info for months.. Children locally in our area are committing suicide due to quarantines and lockdowns. We need to take care of our children’s mental health! We are their voice!!

Once the vaccine has been examined by proper authority scientists and doctors that know what they’re doing. Our country will be able to get back to some sense of normal. Our children and elders are most vulnerable to this virus. You must remember our children are our future and our elders are our wisdom. Trump failed them both.

you can find the data on the CDC website. 103 deaths of children 18 years old or younger in the US in the last 9 months from Covid…most with preexisting conditions. Yes get the kids back in school, most of them are depressed from not seeing there friends, and not learning good at all from home. There grades are really dropping bad.

Let’s see if the country screaming let’s get our kids back to school after the totals come in in two and a half weeks from Thanksgiving. Faucci has been inaccurate on every single issue , reason I stopped listening to him and chose to do my own research which every American should have done as soon as the red flags were flying

Biker Sometimes I look back on my life I’m seriously impressed I’m still alive shirt, tank top, hoodie

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