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In this house We smoke it eat it vape it and apply it Weed poster

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Thank you!! Please don’t punish law abiding adults. My father died from lung cancer because of cigarettes and I really believe vaping is a safer alternative. Been off cigs (not one single drag) for almost 6 years now thanks to vaping. I can definitely feel a vast improvement in my lung capacity and overall health. I actually find the smell of cigarettes repulsive now

  • Agreed, but please don’t deny adults the right to choose different flavors. My wife will go back to smoking cigarettes if it is going to taste like tobacco anyway! Vaping allows her to dial down the nicotine level in hopes of quitting. If we’re going to do that, then we should make all alcohol taste like Everclear.
  •  You need to see both sides. They are buying off the street because it’s cheaper!!! My father died at 63yrs and my Grandmother on my mother’s side died at 63yrs from Lung Cancer smoking cigarettes! I switched to Disposable E cigs blueberry flavored for 2yrs now. My husband is a doctor and would rather me do E cigs than Tobacco! I as adult understand both and I am working on stopping.
  • As a vaper I can support this. I can say it has improved my quality of life since I no longer smoke and it should be available as an option to cigarettes. I support how you answered this. Thank you for the clarification. Been vaping 10 years now no issues here. Legit liquids with legit devices.

If we can get people to stop purchasing black market pods/cartridges with vitamin-e & acetate, laced with thc, then it will be safer for the consumer. It seems all of these illnesses are directly related to these products. Normal vaping products do not contain these ingredients, and are safe.

Can you just come out and say that you are calling off the ban? You would help thousands of business owners sleep well at night.  Maddie Davidson I agree with your thinking,,,,,but safety first!!! Something added to the juice is killing our kids! Let’s investigate and save lives.

Please do your research before you come to a decision. Flavors are absolutely crucial for adults trying to quit smoking. I’ve worked in the vaping industry for the last 4 years and the overwhelming majority of our customers use flavored products to keep away from cigarettes. Banning those will send millions back to traditional cigarettes which are known to cause 480,000 deaths a year.

In this house We smoke it eat it vape it and apply it Weed poster