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Irish Endurance and Still We Are Proud Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Irish Endurance and Still We Are Proud Shirt

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Traveling and discussing issues with people of all social and economic classes encourages personal growth, at least it had from my experiences. Keep up the great work, Steve! Travel, done thoughtfully, is not only fun and educational, but so importantly offers the opportunity to witness the basic humanity we share with other people around the world. It’s humbling. Enlightening. A gift we share with every connection. Thank you, Rick, for all the ways you inform and guide me to joyously engage with the world. Travel has been one of the most precious experiences of my life. I grew up in France many years ago. I married a young American army officer and moved to the US. First we lived in Michigan then in Florida. I travelled back several times to see my family and friends. I have tried to keep up with what was happening in Europe through travel and talking and correspondence with family and friends. Two years ago my daughters and I went and visited family and friends. I have enjoyed your travels on PBS. I enjoyed the historical information you provided. Thank you. I am now a senior citizen and travel will be limited. i love watching your show and i appreciate and admire the fact that you prefer to stay at local small business lodge rather than big resort chains. also, the way you engaged with the local wherever travels take you, that is very encouraging to see. thank you for using your platform for good cause aside from just making profit. I have the recent edition of your book and donated the edition I bought years ago. When asked to fill out one of those Your Favorite Ten Books lists, I always include it.
I do wish that you could modify some of your tours slightly so that someone like me, a retiree who isn’t in bad shape but isn’t in top shape either, could sign on for when travel opens up again. I’m fine with a backpack and carry-on, but need more of a “gentle walker” version (as the European riverboat cruises term it) as far as the rest.