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Tim Davidson look into Sweden and Finland. Their socialist agenda wasnt working, so they backed away from the government owning everything and are operating more as capitalism. However, their welfare programs are bigger than ours and their taxes reflect that. Do a little research before you post. Carolyn Aylor Hey, remember that $12 billion US taxpayer funded bailout to US farmers because tRump doesn’t understand how tariffs work? Know what that is? Laura Cunningham-Bognar Honey, Don’t get it twisted! The broken rotten media machine (CBS, MSNBC, ABC, etc.) spreads the bs and fake news. Renee Ladd Magee, the rich will never simply just pick up and leave! Even if they decide to no longer conduct business in this country, that means that new rich people will fill the gap left by them! Rich people DO NOT drive the US economy!!! They simply benefit from it! We are a “consumer-based economy”.

Carolyn Aylor you’ve proven you abject ignorance, Venezuela’s problems had nothing to do with Socialism. Patti Cullen think it is the other way around, you’ve proven abject ignorance. Carolyn Aylor, great comment! Trump 2020. MAGA! Tim Davidson My dad was born and raised in Scandinavia, so don’t tell me about how great it is there. He said socialism sucks. Go live there for awhile and e x p e r i e n c e it. Then you’ll be in a position to decide if this is what you truly want. Charlene Dickerson Obama opened the floodgates for illegal immigrants! Please Please get your Fake News somewhere other than CNN or MSNBC or The View! Charlene Dickerson There shouldn’t be ONE illegal flowing into our country. Go take your fake propaganda to CNN or some other fake news site. The people who live on the border know the truth, they are coming in like a horde.