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It’s Like Watergate But With Morons shirt, hoodie, tank top

It's Like Watergate But With Morons hoodie

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We all want those responsible to be brought to justice. But it has to be done legally. We don’t want people set up and railroaded like the Obama administration did. Let the justice system do its work. It’s frustrating when it takes so long, but do it right! If there isn’t proof beyond a reasonable doubt, then sorry, no case. If there is proof beyond reasonable doubt, set the hammer! Yes, exactly. A Conservative is not going to go off half cocked, without the proper evidence. We do things the right way and aren’t willing to pull the crap Dems do, ruining people’s lives, due to politics. actually communism should be treason. Maybe you should move. Think of something more original too. I’ve saw the same comment from you several times on this thread already.

I am well aware of the difference. I don’t think that you quite understand the Constitution and what freedom actually means. I also don’t debate with wannabe condescending Democrats. Go troll someone who will get mad. I have adult things to do. seems like they are pretty communist to me when their best candidates promote “Democratic Socialism”. how exactly is America more “great” than when trump took office? This is an honest question. Can you please give examples? Josh David here’s a example … No more are we lied to and treated like sheep. The Democratic party is a mess and only have themselves to blame. Everything that they touch turns into a disaster. They are not looking out for the American ppl! They have a man suffering from dementia running for office???! .. I was a democrat but I can’t be at this time in American history becouse I will always be american first.