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I will be honored and excited to donate to this fund. This is a wonderful chance to share the love of God’s kingdom on earth. I will send my check tomorrrow.

  • Not sure what zoo you’re visiting, but if it’s the Norfolk zoo, be sure to take advantage of the free entry for individuals with disabilities, for them and a personal caregiver.  I too spent my career teaching in Title 1 schools. You are correct – even though an hour from the coast, lots had never been til a school field trip.
  • As someone who has only ever taught in a Title I school thank you for this. I live in Jacksonville, FL. A city runs through our city. So many of our students have never crossed the river and few have been to the ocean.
  • I taught in a title 1 school in Arizona, where 85% of the students recieved free or reduced breakfast and lunch. Each grade went on one field trip a year, like the zoo, science Center, or a play. Money was provided by the district. No student was ever asked to pay. They could bring a bag lunch or a bag lunch was provided by the school. There even was a summer breakfast and lunch program for any child under the age of 18 through July. School here in AZ starts in Aug.

My children also attend a Title 1 school. I work in a title 1 school and was raised by a public school teacher. I absolutely love your resolve for the public schools. Every child deserves a field trip.

The school where I teach is not title one but we still have those that struggle. I’ve paid several field trip fees! I will be happy to donate for your kids. There is nothing greater than watching a child’s joy on field trips.

When our Title 1 school children of Naples Fl are given (through grants) the opportunity to visit the local Children’s Museum (a very nice Children’s Museum), it is wondrous. These children are captivated, in awe, and so appreciative. What you are doing is life changing for these children.

Halloween It’s the most wonderful time of the year phone case