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So proud of this young man. This is absurd. That teacher doesn’t belong in a classroom. We need more caring, strong young people who should be applauded not suspended. I, too, have asthma, Anthony. Bravo for your quick thinking, compassion and leadership! Your parents should be proud. Appeal your suspension through the school board. Advertise your situation in local media to alert everyone to what is going on in schools today. But most of all, hold your head up! God Bless you and your classmate. This teacher should be fired and the school administration should also be punished by suspending this student. The student did the right thing. This student’s mother should be so proud of her son to take action to this case. The power of some individuals is really shocking in our world these days. They should have suspended the teacher!!!! Anthony needs to be commended on saving this girl’s life!!!! He is brave and deserves praise! Young man I am proud of you! You did the right thing! The honorable thing! Don’t let this deter you from becoming the brave person inside that you are! And for the mom…you have raised a very caring and loving young man! This is the round of applause that this young man deserves. That teacher and the administration of that school need to quickly reassess their position on medical emergencies. teacher should be fired. You don’t treat asthma people that way. That was a matter of life or death. Teacher needs to go. Sorry, my opinion.