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Jack Skellington and Sally face mask

Jack Skellington and Sally face mask

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This makes me so mad my blood pressure boils,that girl could’ve died,I have asthma and had 2attacks very close call on both,you are a true hero young man. That school needs reprimanded for bad practice. God bless to the young girl and young man Shame on the teacher!! Shame on the district!! I hope her parents are standing up for him! He’s the hero here!! That’s what wrong with this world now it’s all about internet!!! He’s hero in my eyes! what? What in the hell does this have to do with left or right political leanings?! The principal is a moron. The teacher is an idiot for waiting for an email…cuz who knows when that email would be read. If they didn’t take the girl immediately to the nurse they should have called not emailed. I’ve had emails from two days ago I haven’t read because I haven’t opened my emails. And if I’m at work it can be a few hours if I’m in the middle of something. As someone who’s mother has asthma…and randomly just retired from teaching…I’d pull my kid from that school so fast their heads would spin. Because if they do cause trouble for the school (which the school deserves) when he goes back they may be hard on him because of it. I raised 5 children who had asthma. It can be deadly. The young man did the right thing. The ignorant teacher needs to educate herself about asthma. All teachers should. It should be a required in service for all school districts. The school district needs to establish an asthma policy if they don’t want to be held liable for an asthma death.