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We are simply meant to be Jack Skellington and Sally poster

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Do it! It has been mismanaged and taken advantage of! You can make it better! I have faith in your ability to get it done and know the right people to do it! Let me see if i got this straight. Dems want to defund the Police because they don’t do their job properly, but they want to fund the Postal Service because they don’t do their job properly? Makes sense.

  • This sounds like trump vodka. Trump university and trump hotels. Ohhh and trump airlines. These industries were a failure until he showed up and was the only to shut down. He will do the same to the post office
  • If the mail is so safe, why do I keep getting someone elses medication in my mailbox. They live about a half mile down the road in a totally different complex. The only thing we have in common is the apartment number. If you can’t trust them with your meds getting to you safely, how can you trust your voting ballot.
  • I intend to do my part to ease the burden on the postal service by voting in person. It’s our patriotic duty to help the post office in this way. The same post office that insists that you do not send cash through the mail because its not secure. This tells you what will happen to millions of ballots on election day.
  • Give Trump a chance on this ,too bc the Lefty communist radical Democrats have not cared that the USPS has been on the brink of failing as they have used their time in impeaching someone who has been trying to right injustices!

Mr. Trump your reasons and actions are abundantly clear to everyone. Don’t keep trying to change the discussion and invent new defenses of your position. Keep their feet to the fire!! The Dems are trying everything to steal the election. You’re doing a great job!

You’re taking away drop boxes, you closed sorting machines. Some people require the USPS for medicine deliveries, thank you for killing our disabled and elderly yet again! You don’t care about Americans, you care about lining you and your friends pockets.

The post office is going bankrupt again and asking for money from the taxpayers. I received mail that was not mine countless times. I can remember stories of mail carriers destroying mail or hiding it in theregarage or renting storage units to hide undelivered mail. If we vote my mail who knows where your ballot will go. I will put my mask on and go vote just like I go to Walmart to shop. I want my voice heard.

We are simply meant to be Jack Skellington and Sally poster