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Jason Voorhees 3D face mask

Jason Voorhees 3D face mask

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This is exactly the problem. You think two parent incomes are a choice. You can’t control your spouse or make people stay in relationships. You can’t foresee parents being killed or being put in prison based on a system that is set up against minorities. Generations of living in poverty. Single mothers doing their best to get by. This is something that people of privilege won’t understand bc they’ve never seen it or experienced it. Andrew Starner The difference is the numbers. Does your child’s daycare have over 500 kids and over 100 staff members? Each person in the building is another exposure. Have you even worked in a school and tried to keep elementary schools kids/ middle school kids from touching each other not to mention the behavior issues we have daily already. Have you experienced 500 people in a small building moving around to 9 different classes a day at the same time? Did you not read the part where i said I’m not a teacher? i don’t have the ability to stay home with my child all day and do remote learning. I have no family here in kansas other than my wife and son. My wife and i both have full time jobs that require us to be there everyday. I get the safety of the kids however my kid has adjusted to social distancing while wearing a mask. it can be done.  this is my last message… I disagree with you, and I am not about to try and change your mind. I hear what you are saying, but disagree… My sister couldn’t get scholarships because of this white privilege you talk of… all because she had a 2 parent home and was white- & my parents didn’t make much $. We didn’t have lavish birthdays or Christmas presents, no lavish meals- just a lot of grilled cheese, pb& j, spaghetti, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken…simple inexpensive meals. I am tired of hearing how you can’t get out of poverty. Is it easy, no, is it possible, yes! We have a friend who lived in poverty amongst the gangs and drugs- he made the choice to get himself out of that situation…He is a black doctor. Was it easy for him, no, but let me tell you, it is possible. Quit blaming things on color.