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It’s in their dna to be cheaters and they don’t care who it hurts! I want none of any pharmaceuticals coming from there or for that matter any product. We’re not rich people but I will gladly pay a little more for”made in the USA” and if I can’t afford it, I’ll wait till I can! Teresa Duson yes and it needs to stop. First hand knowledge because my husband works as an analytical chemist and he worked for a Chinese man. He had no problem asking my husband to change peaks on drug samples because he didn’t like the results. These were drugs going to be submitted to the FDA and my husband would have been the one answering to the FDA and ultimately going to jail. He refused to do it. He offered that if my husband went to jail he would still give me his paycheck. They cheat with no conscience! The longer we wait to sever the head from the snake(china) the bigger the snake gets and more dangerous it is to succeed. Unfortunately China (willing or unwillingly) backed the US and its allies into a corner and we no longer have a choice…TIME TO SEVER THE HEAD FROM THE SNAKE! This was basically an act of war because either they did it on purpose(war) or it was a accident and they neglected to tell us or the world and still will not comply (war) so all bets are off the table….SIMPLE… We have also snake on the government. Think again do not vote democrats anymore. Democrats is not the same party way back JFK time. Think again. The new millenial democrats is for socialist communist and those old democrats sold their soul to China and they don’t care about Americans. Look at this lockdown it is only the start of removing your rights. Don’t be fooled again by democrats. Freedom is essential to all to be taken away by the democrats tyranny. Think and don’t forget that this Democrat party wants all your money and lock you up for life. They already exposing the true democrats who they are. They wants all illegal to vote them and also buying your votes by pretending they care for you by passing this bill which we knew it is for political purposes .