Jesus-I-Dont-Want-To-Be-In-Gods-Hand-I-Want-To-Be-In-Gods-Hands-Hawaiian-Shirt-1 (1)

Jesus-I-Dont-Want-To-Be-In-Gods-Hand-I-Want-To-Be-In-Gods-Hands-Hawaiian-Shirt-1 (1)

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Jesus I Don’t Want To Be In God’s Hand I Want To Be In God’s Hands Hawaiian Shirt

COMMENT #13 [Permalink]… Paul said on 5/16/2006 @ 10:58 am PT…

I’m certainly angry about it, but I’m also very puzzled.

If 9/11 is SUCH a cut-and-dried case, why are we unable to get all the answers?

If 9/11 is pure fact and not fiction, why are the facts pointing more towards an alternate scenario than the ones we have been presented with?

I guess we must accept that we WERE attacked, no matter whom or how.

What should matter is how we have HANDLED this attack since. Jesus I Don’t Want To Be In God’s Hand I Want To Be In God’s Hands Hawaiian Shirt

1.) We’ve not caught the perpetrator, because we would have heard about it.

2.) Our administration in their infinite arrogance deflected our righteous anger against the perpetrator and spuriously attacked a dictator of another country that had nothing to do with this crime.

3.) We have let the shadow of terrorism forever erode our civil liberties and nearly destroyed the very fabric of who we are as a people.

Luckily Americans have a deep-seeded distrust and disdain for government, so while it may take us some time, we eventually throw the bums out. :-)

We know we were attacked, it doesn’t matter right now who did it and why. What should matter to us now, is our response. And we MUST make the response clear in November if we have any hopes in turning back this blood-red tide of paranoia and fear.

Do I hear an “Amen!”, brothers and sisters?

COMMENT #14 [Permalink]… Loretta said on 5/16/2006 @ 11:02 am PT…

This had better be good. It better demonstrate how the plane hit flying only about 20′ above the pristine lawn, how it burrowed through 3 concrete reinforced rings, how it only left a 16′ hole, how the wings, tail and 2 nine-foot diameter engines obliterated into microscopic fragments. The plane better be white and not gray, since that piece of scrap (photgraphed in about 5 different places) was white with a red A on it.

If it’s not crystal clear what happened, it won’t change a thing.

COMMENT #15 [Permalink]… Robert Lockwood Mills said on 5/16/2006 @ 11:06 am PT…

On another blog the question arose, “How could a Boeing 727 (737?) plane make only a 12-foot wide crater in the Pentagon wall on both entry and departure?” Answer given: “The wings folded against the fuselage on impact.”




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