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Jesus take the wheel phone case

Jesus take the wheel phone case 7

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Laid off because mayors and governors on the left had no clue what to do. Trump had to take care of those cities too. Those same people are trying to keep the rest of the country from opening. It is fools like you on the left that are destroying this nation. We have always helped other countries even our enemies in times of need. Only some misfit fool would think otherwise. not sure what you are referencing…I just know that here in Canada we have hundreds of thousands of health care workers sitting at home, Just saw a press thing with Pelosi where she said in the USA you guys have over 1.5 million health care workers and ems etc unemployed…might as well pay them and send them to go help out somewhere they are needed.  not sure you took what I said correctly…I’m not a fool on the left, we have a left in Canada also and they are just as ignorant as the ones you guys have…all I was saying is might as well put these people back to work since they aren’t needed for covid and are sitting around at home I can’t explain that. You will have to explain it to me. What was the reasoning? Was it because of a lack of financial resources? If so, then the Federal Government ought to have stepped in and covered the costs with a grant. bless you President Trump. The character of a nation is how we respond to disasters in the world. We are all God’s children. This is why I love the greatest country in the world, the USA!