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“Don’t you get tired of the dumb asses?” Said the retired classroom teacher? I bite my lips and put my postings (to share )on ONLY ME …lots of times a day.. I am really embarrassed for some folks..but when they are so vocal and stupid it’s like being dead.. they don’t know it….and the slow sheep who most intelligently check “like” Hahaha
Hide or report this It took me months to get my two boys to wear the masks. My oldest will wear it no problem now. Although he will repeatedly point to it and gesture that he wants to take it off. My youngest will wear it as long as we are in motion or he is distracted. At the dr’s office, i gave him his ipad to keep him busy and keep it on. He is doing so much better. This is a child that doesn’t like to wear clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, or sun glasses. It has been a battle, but we are getting there.I wear my mask and try not to get upset when others do not, as I do not know their situation; however, when you go into a business that has signage requiring a mask, and the person waiting on you does not, it is quite disturbing. I had that happen recently. We were in NC for vacation last week and were pretty shocked about the non mask wearers. Coming from PA, wearing a mask is not really optional (at least where I live)….why can’t we be selfless and do something to help others?? Sadly, we didn’t venture too far on vacation because it seemed like we were the odd balls with our masks! I gotta say it tickles me how many people follow you and read your posts just to argue and be ugly. Clearly they have nothing better to do and it’s so entertaining to me when they start bickering with each other. I just want to say “People…be the change!” Move on! Set your own example.