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What are you gonna do Stab me? Julius Caesar 44 BC shirt, hoodie, tank top

What are you gonna do Stab me Julius Caesar 44 BC shirt

Buy it now: What are you gonna do Stab me? Julius Caesar 44 BC shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Admitting the death certificates too….yet people ruse to wake up… yep for sure and I think it happened when he suddenly came down with covid! I have a feeling that he didn’t want to do this but pushed into it! He hasn’t been at the front line at all really and making rare appearances but something stinks for sure! a shadow of his former self? So he’s not bullshitting as much? The mans a moron, nothing’s changed there. hoax all of it. Getting into a car with a new born, day after getting released from ICU with a global killer virus.. ooh and doing a 5 minute speech to thank the NHS day after his release without one cough or splutter throughout.. he was probably shacked up with cummings in his adequate lodgings on the farm.. they must think we fell off the nearest Christmas tree.

I read somewhere that the doctors in the hospital he was taken to had to sign the official secrets act, and the ones who refused to were dismissed. Did anyone else find it interesting how off hand Trump was, so non committal and did not even register Gavi. Infact he made a point of saying Boris had asked him to do it in the oval office or some reference to it. globalist… always was always will be… research your history… know who these people are… he make look like Bozo the clown but beware… just remember even Jimmy Saville did some good deeds while at same time was abusing vulnerable and even dead people the sicko… well Bozo & the BBC SKY are all hand in hand.. dont beleive a word that comes out of his mouth…they are laughing at how gullible the sheeple are indeed he subscribes to their agenda and was and is surrounded by them; all the crap he talked, he outcome was always going to be the same!