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Just a mom who raised a Firefighter face mask

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So disrespectful. Sorry for the heroic individuals who deserve our gratitude for their selfless sacrifices. God bless the heroes who helped so many that terrible day. What are they doing. This is crazy. This flag stands for all the first responders and the many people who lost their lives in 911. There isn’t any respect anymore. I am so sorry this happened…visited New York a few years ago and visited this site. It was very touching. Some people no matter who or where they are just have no respect for anything. You dumbasses are aware this is one of the most monumental moments in history that brought every American together even for just awhile? So many people were lost that day but every single person gave their all for their neighbors. What in the heck are they doing? We are the laughing stock of the world. This is a travesty on how some people are behaving. God bless America and all the living and deceased who fought for the flag and America. I hope they catch these disgusting people and throw them in jail for at least 3 years without parole!! They may change and learn a lesson though i doubt it. Make them clean up the toilets like one person suggested. So disgraceful!! And don’t say they are just kids either!! No excuses for this kind of behavior!!! Teach them patriotism! Catch them please! What do you expect. The so called president for law and order does not practice what he preaches and others can see his wrongdoings. The only ones that don’t see them are the people who voted for him. why havent the punks been caught yet, parents to pay for the behavior of their kids, make the punks do work for rest of yr. keeping washingtonville clean, or maybe a week in jail cleaning commodes. Our government on both sides need to get their heads out of the sand and start protecting our country. Stand up to these vandals and radical groups. Make an example of them.