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This is like Tombstone! And Mr Trump is Wyatt…. Trump: “Tell Ricketts I’m a comin’… And I’m a bringin’ HELL WITH ME!”… I guarantee you they here you’re coming for them… They will shut the fuq up… If they’re smart… Let’s hope they’re smart. For their sake… Cruz is at it again, and still with his LIES. He says he has a plan for Vegas just like Iowa. That means he will be telling more lies and cheating Again. Vote Trump. I just finished watching the Veteran fund gathering from a couple of weeks ago on OAN. Everyone talks about Trump.being a bully. Doesnt our government bully us? Isnt the Ricketts family bullying Trump by donating $3M to smear him? Dont the rich bully the average person by trying to own the politicians and do what they want rather than what the people want? The people of this great nation have been bullied for years by our politicians. Trump is the voice of the people saying the politicians are no longer to bully us with their bogus spending and special interests. The GOP better come to grips with this movement and realize that this is movement by the people for the people and we will together make our country great, bring jobs back to America, take care of our veterans and military and tell all you rich bullies that this is not just your country, the rich dont own America. Finally, Donald Trump will help free the innocent hard working American class people and level the playing field. Expose the corruption and put Americans back to work. I have never seen so many VACATIONING diabled people in my life! It truly pisses me off!  This is why Trump supporters are going to keep voting for him, most are so tired of the rich trying to decide what we as America should do. You have the media and now Some Rich mother of a Governor whining about Trump and trying to smear his name and believes in the dirt so the other type of Republicans can keep moving on. It scares the crap out of all of them. But as long as they keep on Trump will come out as the victor. And that makes me think if they are so scared of him then he must be doing something right.