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Just Do It Dragon Ball Son Goku hoodie

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When your friends and family contribute to big changes that positively effected millions of people not only in the USA but the world then you can complain. so what your saying is, because this man was a civil rights man he deserves a week long funeral, and he was loved by many. But my brother who passed away during all this,, who was also loved my many, didn’t deserve his family and friends to be able to say goodbye? So you would have been OK with no funeral for your loved one? That man puts his pants on the same way my brother did, one leg at a time. my guess would be because he lived his life selflessly unlike some of the responses and your question. Not to mention he didn’t die of covid, all were masked, the capacities were adhered to, and its very unfortunate that you weren’t able to say goodbye to your loved ones, but you certainly could have had a memorial service for a week or month. Please don’t make this anymore than it is. There’s enough hatred, envy, strife, grief in this country as it is. Stop already. I thank you for at least mentioning my grief and originally I was just posting on my pain I was not expecting to be attacked but now I feel I have to defend my right he found of had a service in a week or a month too it’s tough. My heart goes out to all who have suffered a loss. These are trying times and people are walking time bombs. We have intertwined whats wrong with our personal lives, the country, and the world into one big ball of chaos. Ryan Crahan well said. Thank you. And the women who question this are still benefitting from people like John Lewis who made noise, advocated, fought, took a beating to set the field level to make a better future for us. When they rise to the occasion with the blood, sweat and tears that afforded their comfort, only then can they whine about inequities of recognition…or the fact that they are tired of what they believe to be the race card.