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Seriously….. this barely has anything to do with cats other than a cat at the end and Nala’s video signature. This has nothing to do with Nala, Coffee, Luna, or Steve, Pretty sure those donuts are going to rot, anything with moisture PLEASE someone correct me and say oh no you can use x brand epoxy to preserve aqueous specimens

  • Based on previous experience, I think you’re right. Though it might take a while. My Grandpa once preserved a special pizza in epoxy and gave it to my brother. 10 years later the pizza was still in the epoxy, but moldy and rotten.
  • I have never worked with epoxy so please don’t laugh at me LOL but on the donut scene can you preserve food that way not to eat again but will it last if it is epoxy look wise, Epoxy resin is dangerous to inhale and touch, please be safe when using. No, organic materials shouldn’t be encased in resin unless it’s completely dry. Example: dried out flowers.
  • What everyone needs. Another non-recyclable ornamental, mildly functional idea. Nice they’ll be around for thousands of years. But, of course is hip right now. I wouldn’t say it’s a waste. It’s a few doughnuts, that could potentially be useful for several years, or even decades.
  • The cost of the play dough would actually cost more than the actual doughnuts, and look MUCH worse.
And do you know how many doughnuts get thrown away by shops every single day? 6 being used for a project is negligible, and would most likely end up being in the trash. So why not repurpose them?
I work in a shop and we don’t throw them away. They get reduced and sold at a much lower price. You are right though, play dough is more expensive and don’t look realistic, but it’s a stool. Who cares if they look realistic?
Just checked, the place to have listed has a population of 8,000. That’s probably why yours works that way.
This video was most likely made in a place that has a MUCH higher population. Where the amount of excess is much higher. My home town has about 170k people, and my buddy worked at a small doughnut shop. He would tell me all the time about throwing away full trash bags of doughnuts. Just because some days sales weren’t good.
I totally disagree with throwing away perfectly good food. If they’re stale, fair enough, make whatever you want out of them, but if there’s nothing wrong with them it breaks my heart to see them going to waste

Kaleidoscope Cat Unisex Hawaiian Shirt

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