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King George III in Hamilton Da da da dat da mug

Hamilton - King Georgem Da da da dat da mug 1

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But you’re driven by the TDS like all the libtards. What funny is y’all cannot come to reality and face that he will be re-elected for four more years. So sit tight because the big mean old orange man will be yours and my president until Jan 2025! And so many younger people (and older) never were taught the relationship between our American govt and the people. How our govt and constitution was founded on LIMITED govt and to protect individual liberty. Our representatives were never meant to get rich in govt or to line their own pockets and continually grow govt into the massive monster it’s become. As citizens we’ve let this go on for too long They definitely need to have term limits. If a news organization reported fake news, it was likely quoting our president. He lies routinely and just makes stuff up when convenient. His idiot followers think it is fact because he said it. They ignore science, experts, doctors, epidemiologists and chose to believe a court proven lying fraud. The only fake news is what trump doesn’t agree with. Ever notice he can’t argue? He has no facts. His gullible base doesn’t care. Exactly what pleasure did you get out of calling me an idiot? you will not change my opinion, and i will not change yours. I am a patriotic American supporting my President, and you will never change that. why are you even commenting on Trumps page , if you do not like him, just go away you will not deter me from supporting the President. its people like you that turn Facebook into freak book. good bye. Not sure what you’re talking about. But it doesn’t matter. You hate Trump & that’s your right as an American. If you think Biden is qualified or he’s coherent enough to be President, then vote for him.