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Kitties and beer That’s why I’m here Cat poster

Kitties and beer That's why I'm here Cat poster 1

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The only consistent thing you can say about middle school-age kids is they are inconsistent! Emily Watson Nye this is true. A big problem in our area is retaining the same administration long enough to make a difference. We have a small middle school, probably less than 200 students. Every few years the admin changes. Evey year we lose about half the teachers. We are very rural and in a poverty stricken area. To make changes you have to keep staff long enough for them to build rapport. I feel deeply your pain. We too, experienced these similar issues. You have parents who wish to complain behind closed doors-but don’t show up at important meetings-children cannot learn due to the constant disruption in the classroom. I came to the ultimate conclusion, homeschool had to be better than what we were experiencing. I was a product of public school-and never envisioned my children being out of that sector. I didn’t find our nearby private schools to offer the academics we sought or the charter school a great fit either. Guess what….you make the best call you can make, pray over the choice and guidance each day.
Erin graduates this year, a year early, with her Associate in Arts Degree. She did enter her last two years of high school to swim-each year may be different-but that’s ok. I pray fir the increasing domino effect of our public schools. Moments ago I just finished writing an email to my twins’ school about my daughter’s behavior! In addition to affluence and race, the most marginalized category for behavior issues is disabilities. My daughter is 9 years old in 3rd grade and has Down syndrome. All behavior has a purpose, and especially for a child with a severe speech and language impairment, to ascertain what the child is attempting to communicate is crucial to understand the entire situation.

The problem in public schools across the country is that teachers are taught methods from Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) without the basis for Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS). Behaviors are reported, and consequences are doled out to remove privileges and punish students. These reactionary measures do nothing to prevent future behaviors and inadvertently can reinforce undesired behaviors. Conversely, using PBIS methods give teachers the ability to plan intentionally the social-emotional behavioral accommodations that are necessary for the particular student’s success.