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Big Amen!!! -A genuine Smile blesses those on the receiving End as well. Without saying a word, it can tell others that you like them and that you are pleased with them… A Smile can Hug someone with Love without Giving them the Slightest Touch……Your Smile could be a Message of Cheer, from God to a Needy Soul..

  • I open the door to the good news with all my hands wide open in Jesus Mighty Name. And i claim the good news in Jesus Mighty Name to the Glory of Almighty God. Thank you ooo Jesus my Lord. Thank you everyone for all your amazing comments! We love The Chunks and Friends! Indiana did an absolutely amazing job on the story! Thank you so much The Dodo
  • Oh here you are, a gardener! lol I love them and love your idea having 2 gardens. Follwed your IG just now. Take care of them for all of us in the coming Winter! Thank you!! you are amazing and I was smiling the entire time watching the video! Thanks so much for showing kindness to these animals most would consider pests
  • As an Australian, this is hilarious, and so intriguing to watch !! I love that you’re supporting wildlife and the environment. Selfless by investing in a garden for them. Soon you’ll be making an a-la-carte menu for these little guys ! Bless you

Chuck and his family are so adorable and this man is wonderful to feed these cute little critters BUT, before long he’ll have hundreds in his yard. So feeding them and encouraging them to stay would be a NO for me!

groundhogs are pretty territorial. Once the babies are old enough mom will kick them out forcibly. I used to have groundhogs and would watch mom carry off her babies every year until they finally got the message and left. He didn’t start off planting a garden for Chuck, it’s because Chuck was eating everything in the man’s own garden. So unless the man stops planting food for himself and his family Chuck and all his relatives will always stay in his yard.

We have had problems with groundhogs I always wishrd that there were oral contraceptives you could just throw in your yard then we wouldn’t have zillions in my residential neighborhood

Prince If you didn’t come to party don’t bother knocking on my door doormat

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