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Lady Skull Life Is Just Better When I'm With My Husband shirt

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In some states, yes. If someone can trace their illness (or their families can trace their death) back to your irresponsibility, you can be charged. SC just announced yesterday that they have no statute of limitations on this, so even if you aren’t busted at the party, you can still be charged at ANY time. One of my favorite places to eat in Cali, Annie’s Cafe in that town where he got COVID-19, was getting angry posts for not serving indoor dining… the nerve!!! Some of these deniers are ridiculous. A lesson. This person, whomever it was, should be charged with misdemeanor manslaughter. “someone knowingly attended with the novel coronavirus, apparently reasoning — erroneously — that without symptoms, it couldn’t do anyone harm.” The key to “involuntary manslaughter” is that it covers for the excuse “BUT I DINT KNOW!” and allows for a range of punitive actions from fines to short term jail. A few high profile cases would go a long way toward making it more common. As Amy says, the conflicting reports and governmental laissez faire is really damaging. This death was preventable, on both sides. Brooke Lawson you cant have attempted second degree manslaughter. There is tons of case law and precedent for someone knowingly spreading a virus and getting at least assault charges. I don’t think that will happen in this case since the states are pretty much letting people put each other in harms way. But I don’t blame people for wanting accountability. That’s what the law is for. Brooke Lawson “someone knowingly attended with the novel coronavirus”… but you’re right, we don’t know if that’s true. It’s not facts and evidence no matter what doctors say, because it wasn’t confirmed by Jenny Youtuber NotMD?
If it would stop being weaponized as a partisan issue and taken seriously on both sides, we wouldn’t have to worry about these mixed messages.