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Golf hiatus happens all the time and even to the best of the best. That’s golf plain and simple. If you didn’t know that you don’t know golf!! I guess nobody is going to skip your profile without saying hi….your post are so exciting and your pictures are beautiful too, sorry to bother you by the way….but I would love to know you but we are not friends which I look forward to…can you please send me a friend request?…I tried to but it didn’t go through. “Back to competitive relevance ” .. such a joke .. dudes 26 .. former world #1 .. 3 majors under his belt .. tied tigers 97 masters 72 hole record .. youngest us open champ since Bobby Jones .. fed ex cup champ .. 40.9 mil in total pga tour earnings .. Give credit where credit is due ! I know everyone’s in such a hurry to discredit Jordan. It’s a what have you done for me lately kind of thing. Such a joke.

Having fallen to 51st in the rankings, the first time not in the Top-50 in 7 years, and not having won a tournament of any sort in 3 years – perhaps you’re confused as to the use of the phrase “competitive relevance.” … Or maybe it’s just “relevance.” Hell, I’m a fan of the kid – but I’d guess even he’d be the first to admit he hasn’t been relevant the last couple of years. Billy Hayes I don’t think people are quick to discredit, more we don’t believe that stand out season will happen again. Fluke, maybe, is he talented absolutely and a heck of a guy. I just don’t see him winning 3 majors again, in one season. Might choke on those words, but I’d be very happy for him. I guess when you don’t make the Tour Champ or win an event for a couple of years you are no longer relevant. The golf channel is great at creating drama in the drama free world of golf.