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Leslie Jordan Well Shit! What are y’all doing phone case

Leslie Jordan Well Shit! What are y'all doing phone case

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Julie Mollerup Lowe God bless you Julie. I live in a socialist country (The Netherlands) and trust me, it’s like living in Hell. Picture 55-60% of your income being wasted on all types of taxes. Then you pay 21% salestax on everything you buy. Rent and cost of living are outragiously high, so it leaves you with barely anything at the end of every month. Healthcare cost me 170 euro’s a month, which doesn’t even cover everything and I still have to pay a yearly total 350 euro’s extra copay. Shall I continue?,……naaaah, you get my point. Socialism sucks! Ryan N Patrick Forest is right in the mix and is part of evils diabolical plan. It may include Israel since he made a reference to Rubicon in the middle east.

Julie Mollerup Lowe just wait and see everything they have done… wise choice!! Trump is dealing with all of this crap without taking a wage. He had an amazing life before this. He is the only one I trust. He is not driven by money, he actually cares about the USA. I love capitalism. Why? If a low wager can make it so can anyone else, you just have to set your priorities straight and hunt for your needs first and your wants later. Unfortunately most people are very immature and can’t wait to have money first and then buy. The banks take advantage of you by tempting you to borrow and when you lose your job, they take your house and everything else they could. My advice, never borrow from a bank, except for a mortgage and a car but make sure you can pay back cause they are merciless schemers, I know cause I worked for them once but never again. They want you to give them ideas on how to improve their system and when you do, your supervisor gives you $25, she gets a promotion and the bank get millions on your ideas. Really fair aren’t they? Bunch of thieves I would say!