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Lest we forget Canada face mask

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I Hardly take any time out for myself. If I do I never stay out longet than a couple of hours. My dogs are looked after if I do by My son. But I always feel guilty. I dogs are walked every day and constantly loved and well looked after. but I still feel guilty.  That’s sweet of you Cesar but I help dear other people who need it as my family friends as they need me and if people need a listening ear I am there for them

  • Your amazing Cesar!!!!! I totally agree! We need time to ground and align with the universe and our higher selves in order to keep the flow of positive energy’s going I’ve been working with our dog who runs the fence barking like mad (never touches it) when people come too close & after many long talks (me shaking my finger @ him & only touched him on the neck twice) he ignores them with only a snap of my fingers (no words) which is awesome
  • I’ve got a bike trailer for my 16yo lab who’s got arthritis. She goes everywhere I go except work and a few other places, but she loves the daddy time. I’m french and I hope you’re fine because I watch on TV that California was burning. Are you well, I like your TV show. Thank you for every dogs that you save.
  • I always forget to lol thank you for the reminder. Cause it came just as I was thinking if I should take a bike ride cause I need a moment for myself today. It’s a sad day today. During this Covid-19 we stay at home a lot and being retired we sometimes go to visit the kids and their family but never too long to leave our 17 yr old poodle that is blind and deaf we make sure he went to the bathroom and fed. We placed him an a child’s playpen to keep him safe from harm he also sleep in it at nights. We are prepared to give him his best life to the end. Love you Brownie.

My mom has a saved pooch that won’t shut the hell up when visitors come around ,. Won’t shut its mouth even with commands from her. I walk my dog around the neighborhood at dusk. Very calm and peaceful and it is a happy part of his day too!

When our goldie was in his prime, I would ride my bike on a local trail with him running alongside. We’d go for a 10 km round trip, with a dip in a lake about half way. It was great for us both!

Lest we forget Canada face mask