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Lest we forget Canada face mask

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I love Candace! Smart, articulate, strong young woman! I am glad she is a conservative. Amazing role model, not just for young black women, but for all young women! I could listen to this young lady all day and all night. She is remarkable!! KUDOS to her for speaking the truth and so eloquently!

  • Well said Candace! I think she’s beyond tops ; definitely God sent . This country needs more people like her for the better of this country. She is awesome and very smart. The people of this country could take lessons from her regarding this country’s problem of race .
  • A fine example of the smug mean girls sitting at that table. Candace Owen kicked them to the Capitol curb. I have such respect for her and appreciate all she has done to set so many records straight
  • Awesome, so smart, articulate and well spoken. She lite up the partisan Hack Jamie Raskin. Her points are always spot on and well researched, unlike the clowns that always attack her
  •  I love to listen to Miss Owens… especially when she is politely, accurately, and (most importantly) truthfully showing everyone the lies of the liberals. She is fierce, honest, fearless, and intelligent!!! I thank God she is a Conservative… Dems should fear her strength and perseverance of the truth and justice…

Love this. She is a strong and intelligent young woman. If she was a Liberal woman, she would be halled as, “so brave and so empowered”. She is all of those things and so much more!

Spot on perfect. Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we are looking at the first Woman President in a few years to come. Not because she’s black, but because she can’t be bought. She sees through the lies and manipulation and calls truth… truth!

We need a lot more young adults like her.
Candace Owens is bright, articulate, and polite; and she has the gumption to stand up to the rude Democrats when given a chance to speak.

Lest we forget Canada face mask