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The education changed for the worse. In the twelve years I have been working in this field, standards have been lowered because a large portion of students cannot meet them. Exactly. My sons “misc fees” were more than my tuition 24yrs later. They build new buildings, add administrators, and have pristinely manicured lawns, but the education doesn’t really change. You must be kidding! It’s been dumbed down in many areas. Only the hard sciences seem to be what they were. when my brother taught at U Wisc in the 90’s that was already happening. He’d give an F and the administration would go completely berserk because the kids parents called.

In early 2000’s, University of Oklahoma President David Boren ( former Governor and U.S. Senator ) approached his Board of Regents telling them they were “leaving money on the table” because government tuition subsidy was more than University of Oklahoma was charging, and they should raise tuition accordingly to capture more money.
Same thing happens with healthcare. With accreditation and so on, adding to the supply of higher education is a difficult, costly, and time-consuming process. More money chasing the same amount of goods/services, when expanding the supply is slow/difficult, always leads to a rise in real prices. Even further I wonder what amount of money is spent on federal, state and local bureaucracies.

Online colleges are becoming the best place to avoid the cost. Although, they still charge ridiculous prices for an online textbook. And their prices are going up too. I know the left wants destruction of business and culture when they overtly wish massive bankruptcies to result from government ordered business failure. Motive so clear.