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LGBT Kiss whoever The fuck you want poster

LGBT Kiss whoever The fuck you want poster

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You really need to influence this drug companies to come up w a vaccine for TDS. TDS is continuing to cause looting, vandalism, rioting & people getting hurt and some cases killed. Preferably in a spray form so we can connect it to fire hoses. Thank you from a family with a type I diabetic! May I also call attention to asthma inhalers! Our insurance company just cut a deal with the inhaler manufacturers that forced us to change my daughters inhaler from one that had been working well and that she could use with a spacer (more effectively delivering medicine for young children AND protecting her teeth) to a powdered inhaler that is very hard for her to use and we can choose to either get her teeth cleaned every 60 days or allow the inhaler powder to stick to her teeth and ruin her teeth!
We appreciate the job you’re doing for our country, we pray for you and support you and your team! Please don’t let this happen, I’ve heard that everyone who gets the corona vaccine will be implanted with a chip to prove they received it. If you don’t get chipped you won’t be able to go to school, go in any type of store or even travel by airplane, bus, trains or boats. In other words this chip is the same as the numbers the Nazis tattooed on the Jews. Now need to do something regards the deductions we have to pay to Medicare. Us old people shouldn’t have to pay that 199 or whatever it is monthly out of our check. Just isn’t fair. Us senior are having it rough as is.