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Tell me how is she not protecting them. You are not protecting anyone, if you are wearing a mask. It says right on the boxes those masks are put in that it does not protect from the Covid-19 virus. They are not medical grade. The cloth ones are even worse. So tell me why are you really wearing a mask? The answer BECAUSE YOU WERE TOLD TOO. It is a false sense of safety for you and others and may even be unsafe for you because you are re-breathing your CO2. Restricting your oxygen levels which by the way, the Covid-19 does that too. Restricting your oxygen with a mask can kill brain cells. Cindy Ahmed New York got into problems because that lunatic governor and mayor let it go. Didn’t take it seriously and then the governor put sick Covid-19 elderly people back into nursing homes to contaminate the rest of the population. Stupid decisions are why NY suffered so much!

Stephanie Nenycz Bach making you elderly does not exempt you from being disrespectful to that group. What part did you not understand. I would rather be insulted by you than stand by and allow you to kill those that have worked, paid their taxes, built your country. It amazes me that your blind idolisation has come to the point where you justify harming your elderly. Cindy Ahmed It is true by his own admission. It was bad in NY no doubt but you are feeling sorry for the wrong person, what about all those he killed. They are someone’s parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles. So please he deserves no empathy at all. He was ill prepared because democrats don’t give a rats rear about people only spendng tax payer money on every program THEY deem necessary. It is time to vote them all out everywhere and put some sanity back into our nation.