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Personally I think marriage in general would be much more successful if we normalized not assuming someone is a failure for not being married, not trying to rush people into marriage because “that’s what’s supposed to happen”, normalized married people who want to sleep in their own bedrooms and respected that they like their own space instead of assuming something is “wrong” with the marriage, stopped making a social media show of what marriage is “supposed” to be, etc… Things do change,but I think what we fail to mention is that when the butterflies falls away an the impatients an arguments sets in,that it’s not a bad thing,it’s means we on another level now,we grown now an we must embrace that the butterflies are gone,we afterall getting old an butterflies is a physical reaction,but bare in mind and never forget I luv then an luv u now,nobba die pressure an whatever life throws. Celebrated my 29th wedding anniversary on 11th August. The truth is, it’s not always a bed of roses but the experiences gained is definitely worth it. We are both still in love with each other. Even though the kids are grown, we still hold hands, we still call each other babe, hun and love, we respect each other. Knowing God gave us each other keeps us even closer. Marriage is beautiful people. I think a lot of people are just trying to warn young married’s that it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, it’s something you have to work at. Of course, isn’t that the case for anything worthwhile in life? That said, I love seeing the passion, and at times, the pure bliss of a new marriage. Reminds me of when my wife and I first met and were kissy-faced all the time. Being married to My One, and having children, has given me more joy and satisfaction than anything else I’ve experienced in life. Great idea to spread the word, because there are a lot of bitter, ill-informed people, trying to poo poo marriage, and its virtues!